Amazing lamps «Surface» for office premises

Comfortable work in the office often depends on the quality of the lighting. But it often happens so, that in case of good light performance the appearance of the light source suffers. That is why the company Eco Light Group is pleased to announce the emergence of a new collection of pendant lamps «Surface» for the lighting of the office spaces. These models are remarkable by the fact that the role of the lens in them is assigned to the lasting glass with the thickness of only 29 mm

On the sides it is illuminated by bright Led’s, and thanks to the special structure, the light is refracted and as an intensive flow begins to move already in the vertical direction. This technical solution is a new word in the modern lighting; it attracts the views and staggers the imagination.


Models 50009.26 and 50010.26 differ from each other according to the power and intensity of a light stream. Standard variants of color temperature, available for order: warm white (2700-3000К), neutral white (4500K) and cool white (of 6500K). A complete set of products includes power supply and a dimmer switch.

Eco Light 50009.26 Power of 30W, intensity of the luminous flux up to 2200 Lm. Equivalent for a lighting with fluorescent lamps 2x36W

Eco Light 50010.26 Power of 55W, intensity of the luminous flux up to 3600 Lm. Equivalent for luminary with fluorescent lamps 2x56W

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50010.26 50010.26 50009.26 50009.26