Easy, flying collection from Eco Light Group

Designers of the company Eco Light Group are constantly experimenting with forms and styles of lighting devices, and in the end they had obtained original and unusual products! One of such novelties is a collection of fixtures under the name Royal (1.0291.211), which perfectly combines strict  lamps and fittings of dynamic forms.

Lighting fixtures Royal are performed in  a now days popular style "art deco”. Elegantly curved fittings of  the  lamps from this collection, made of «aging» bronze, flows like a light, flying tape. Corpus with the unfinished form of  an air ellipse, is framed by  milky cylindrical lampshades. So, an original and interesting composition  turns out.

The collection includes chandeliers with  different number of lamps, pendant lamps, as well as small chandeliers and desk lamps. Due to this diversity, You can pick up the necessary models for the interior, gathering  the whole stylish composition. Detailed information about this and other news items from the collection of Eco Light Group You can find out by contacting our specialists.

We are open for contacts and cooperation.

1.0291.211 1.0291.211