Eco Light 53301.07

Gesso collection – purity and creation by Eco Light Group

People have used gypsum for the centuries and they’ve even learnt to make illuminators of this material. Nowadays the gypsum lamps are rather popular and serve as an elegant detail for every interior design. This time Eco Light Group designers created a very laconic illuminator’s collection of one surprising material. These built-in illuminators are named Gesso.  The main benefit of this collection is ecological purity, so Gesso will go very well with almost every interior. They’re nearly invisible after the installation, you can only see cuts for the light sources and the product itself seems like a stylish part of your wall or ceiling. One more Gesso advantage is variety colors. Eco Light Group gives you an opportunity to create your own environment, to use your creative imagination not just by making common light for the whole room but by creating your unique lamp. Exactly this fact of transformations with the light attracts so many architects and designers by decorating their projects. There are both wall and ceiling lamps in this collection. These illuminators have such technical features like high quality, functionality and ease of use. Besides as all gypsum products Gesso is very easy to repair if some piece of the product breaks off. To do this you need only to putty or to recreate the missing part and that is one more plus in comparison with the glass products. For more information about Eco Light Group’s new products please address our specialists. We are open to new contacts and partnership!
Eco Light 53301.07
Reference Bulbs Size Color Meterial Accessories
53301.07 1x1W LED 3000-6000K Lenght: 175 Width: 145 Height: 50 Cut-out: 175x145 White Gypsum Driver required 54.29

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