Eco Light 50005.07

Raster lamps by Eco Light Group

Very popular raster lamps take an important place in Eco Light Group. This is ceiling lamps of tube form that are used in lots of offices and production buildings as a light source. They help to distribute the light rightly and to screen the direct light in known angle. Eco Light Group offers several types of these lamps, and one of them is the lamp «Glass» (code number 50004.07). Lamp’s frame is made of steel sheet and is painted white using powder sputtering technology. Raster «Glass» is plate glass and made of qualitative aluminum with increased reflection coefficient – 95%. One more raster lamp by Eco Light Group is «Matt» (code number 50005.07). The disperser is made of acrylic resin. Matt’s light is warm and pleasant for the eyes. Its dimensions are 595 mm long, 595 mm wide and 75 mm high. The advantages of «Glass» and «Matt» are functional design and economical method of manufacturing. High-quality assembly helps to install and service it quickly. «Glass» and «Matt» lamps go well with any office places, classrooms and shopping areas. For more information about Eco Light Group’s new products please address our specialists. We are open to new contacts and partnership!
Eco Light 50005.07
Reference Bulbs Size Color Meterial Accessories
50005.07 4x18W T8 G13 Lenght: 595 Width: 595 Height: 75 White Steel + PMMA Ballast included 0.00

50005.07 50005.07 50004.07 50004.07