Eco Light 33001.30 WW

Ultra-thin LED panels Slim by Eco Light Group

The company Eco Light Group presents you ultra-thin (13 mm) LED panels Slim (code numbers 33001.30 RGB and 33001.30 WW), which are an excellent alternative to traditional embedded raster lamps for suspended ceilings of Armstrong type. These eco-friendly lighting devices are made ​​of aluminum and acrylic glass. Slim panels can be "built" into the ceiling as usual raster fixtures and also be fixed to the ceiling with the ropes. They can also be used as an effective "inserts" in the wall to illuminate the corridors or other rooms. Eco Light Group offers these lights in several different sizes: 600x600 mm, 300x300 mm, 600x300 mm and 300x1200 mm. Ultra-thin LED panels Slim can be of different capacities and have different glow colors: warm white, cool white or RGB. For example, the power of panels with the size 600x600 mm is 42W, what is more than usual raster fixtures like fluorescent lamps. Slim also are more durable than their raster "brothers." For more information about Eco Light Group’s new products please address our specialists. We are open to new contacts and partnership!
Eco Light 33001.30 WW
Reference Bulbs Size Color Meterial Parameters Accessories Lighting Flux (Lm)
33001.30 WW 42W 700 LED 3000K Lenght: 600 Width: 600 Height: 11 Silver + White Matt Acrilic Aluminum + Acrilic IP40 LED driver included 2800 400.00
33001.30 RGB 42W 700 LED RGB Lenght: 600 Width: 600 Height: 11 Silver + White Matt Acrilic Aluminum + PMMA 2800 450.00

33001.30 WW 33001.30 WW 33001.30 RGB 33001.30 RGB