Eco Light 5.0001.317

Lob – warm light for home and country using by Eco Light Group

The designers of Swiss company Eco Light Group, inventing new forms of lighting, have created an original and very functional table lamp Lob. It can be used outdoors and indoors, because it does not require connection to the electricity! Lob can even be called a “magic” LED candle, which is not afraid of wind or rain. The lamp Lob creates a cozy comfortable atmosphere with the warm glow that gives the light source of 1W. Powered by a rechargeable battery of standard AAA this table lamp is very convenient - it can be taken everywhere! The battery is charged from the solar panel located on the bottom of the lamp. Lob has a very stylish and original design. Table lamp is made ​​of high quality durable plastic. Fittings colors may vary – the designers of Eco Light Group offer a choice of eight colors for the lighting device Lob. For more information about Eco Light Group’s new products please address our specialists. We are open to new contacts and partnership!
Eco Light 5.0001.317
Reference Bulbs Size Color Meterial Parameters Accessories
5.0001.317 1x1W LED 2700K Dia: 99 Height: 111 Various colours available Plastic IP44 1 x 'AAA' size Ni-MH 1.2V 600mA inside 30.00

5.0001.317 5.0001.317