Eco Light 8.0053.204

Lavanda collection – flora by Eco Light Group

Lavender is the color of fairytales, dreams and magic. Thanks to such colorful accents you can easily create a very pleasant romantic atmosphere in the classical genre. The Eco Light Group designers have made Lavanda collection especially for such interiors. Lavana is not just light sources, but amazing bunches of flowers, which grow above you head.  The texture, shape and color are collected in these fine lamps. Lavanda collection is interesting for everyone! It’s great to look at every finest detail, at every lavender flower. The fittings are also very original and they carry on the flora theme by twisting around the framework with its light green leaves. Thanks to this fact it creates the feeling of movement and compositional animation as if it’s a real ornamental flowerpot which flowers will never fade.  Lavanda collection consists of a sconce, a chandelier and a pendent lamp that will put the owners in a good mood with its pleasant light that isn’t blinding and dangerous for your eyesight. Besides Lavanda is very ecological and good for health, because all Eco Light Group products are made of high-quality organic materials. That’s very urgent and topical problem nowadays. For more information about Eco Light Group’s new products please address our specialists. We are open to new contacts and partnership!
Eco Light 8.0053.204
Reference Bulbs Size Color Meterial
8.0053.204 2x40W max E14 Length: 200 Width: 340 Height: 290 White + Green leafs & Blue flowers Steel 139.00

8.0053.204 8.0053.204 1.0073.204 1.0073.204 1.0063.204 1.0063.204 1.0053.204 1.0053.204