Company Profile

is the "heart" of our company, where not only our collections, but also the main principles and the rules of our work are sketched and carried out. We produce lamps for the internal and exterior lighting, special equipment for emergency lighting and lamps with the innovation sources of light, for example, such as light-emitting diodes (LED). The materials which we use are: matte- colored and transparent glass, different kinds of plastic, aluminum, steel and other metals.

Development of new production. The whole production of Eco Light Group is the result of the activity of our own department for research and elaboration, application of the system of quality control, obligatory on each our article The demands of the market for economical sources of light, reliable standards of safety and the improvement of the products constantly promote our activities..

Safety engineering. All lights manufactured by us become the necessary safety and correspondence tests according to electro-technical characteristics and European quality standards.

Design and technology. The hightechnolody production, which corresponds to the latest European standards of quality, permits us to produce ergonomic and practical collections of lamps, which enjoy the constantly growing demand. The design of our products is developed by the own department for design and innovations together with the independent designers. The basis of each collection of lamps forms the optimal agreement between quality and functionality.

Intermediary services. Standing technical experiences and knowledge of lighting engineering market gives us the possibility to offer intermediary services during the composition of the collections of the European producers.

We realize also author's projects on selection and delivery of lamps for companies and private customers.